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BUCKED UP: Six Point Creatine

BUCKED UP: Six Point Creatine

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An organic compound our bodies produce on their own, creatine facilitates recycling of adenosine triphosphate, the energy currency of the cell -- primarily in muscle and brain tissue.* ATP is largely responsible for athletic performance as well as cognitive function.* Supplementing with creatine is supercharging that energy currency. Well-known for its ability to increase strength and power output, creatine has more studies to its name than a politician has skeletons in their closets. Not just in strength and athleticism, though.*

6 Point Creatine utilizes six different types of creatine to further enhance these studied benefits:


  • ATP Regeneration: quicker recovery between sets*
  • Muscle Hydration: a hydrated muscle = better pumps
  • Accelerated muscle growth: inhibits myostatin, allowing for new GAINZ Promotes a healthy neurological system and brain function*
  • Reduce fatigue: (physical and mental)


Creatine is no longer just for those who want improved athletic performance or to add on lean muscle mass.* It’s for the ambitious. Those who want more out of life. 6 Point Creatine is for those whose ambitions are insatiable. Those who don’t just want more. It’s for those who want everything. To conquer every facet of life. Then invent another facet, just so they can conquer that too. It is for the relentless. It’s for you.

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